Twisted Road Radio Indie Artists

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 Annemarie Picerno


Cadillac Drive

Chris Antonik


Dave Kyle

Dave Peterson

Fragile X

George Finizio

Higher Livin’

Highway Lights

Ivas John Band

Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society

Keith Shaw

Kenyon Mills

Le Poisson

Little Sunday

Mark Cook

Mick Travis

North ‘O Forty

Paul Renna

Phil Baker


Quiet the Thief

Revel 9

Richie Healy

Shawn Rosseau

Space Traffic

Stanford Prison Band


The Darren Holland Project

The Harms Way Project

The Heepheads

The Self TItled

The String Theory Project

Trevor Hensley

Ur S Man

Visitors from Bellatrix

Voodoo Walters